Tahlequah Daily Press

June 21, 2013

Woman arrested for theft

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — A Tahlequah woman was booked into jail this week after she allegedly broke into another woman’s home and stole several items she had previously given away.

Shari Lynn Wacoche-Medlin, 44, is accused of forcing her way into the home and taking a television and coffee pot. She was eventually booked for robbery by force and fear.

Sheriff’s Deputy Dexter Scott was called to Garden Walk Apartments to speak with Donna Coursey, who said she returned to her apartment and was confronted by Medlin.

Medlin reportedly wanted her TV and coffee pot back from Coursey, but Coursey told deputies she had been given those two items – along with some cash – in exchange for cleaning Medlin’s apartment three months ago.

When Coursey tried to go into her apartment and close the door to avoid Medlin, Medlin allegedly pulled her hair, forced the door open, and knocked Coursey to the ground.

Medlin then allegedly entered the apartment and took the TV, along with a different coffee pot, and carried them away.

When confronted by Scott, Medlin claimed the TV used to belong to a relative, and the relative wanted the television back. Medlin would never answer Scott when he asked whether she had given the TV to Coursey as a part of a payment for Coursey’s cleaning service.

Medlin was arrested, booked into jail, and later released on a $5,000 bond.