Tahlequah Daily Press

December 24, 2012

Local man ordered to seek treatment

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — A Tahlequah man facing recent drug charges after numerous past run-ins with law enforcement was ordered this week to seek help at a treatment facility.

Jeron L. Miller, 31, of Tahlequah, was arrested on numerous accusations in October, including possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, possession of a CDS without a valid prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, possession of a deadly weapon, possession of a police scanner during the commission of a felony, attempting to destroy evidence, resisting arrest, and assault and battery upon a police officer.

Miller was given initially given a $100,000 bond by Associate District Judge Mark Dobbins, but Miller was released from jail when his bond was later lowered to $25,000 over the objection of prosecutors.

Prosecutors formally charged Miller with two counts: unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, and assault and battery upon a police officer. On Dec. 3, Dobbins ordered Miller to be incarcerated until he could be placed in rehabilitation.

Court records show Miller was to be released Thursday, Dec. 20, to be transported by a family member to a Grove treatment facility. Proof of his arrival was to be faxed to the Cherokee County Courthouse.

Court records show Miller was charged last July and again in August with knowingly concealing stolen property, along with drug charges and public intoxication in July.

Miller has been charged with numerous other crimes in Cherokee County in recent years, including possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, possession of firearms while committing felonies, unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, assault upon a police officer, escaping from arrest or detention, obstructing an officer, second-degree burglary, and several counts of knowingly concealing stolen property.