Tahlequah Daily Press

January 23, 2013

Coyote pelts taken

From staff reports

TAHLEQUAH — The Humane Society of Cherokee County is following up on reports after a number of dead coyotes were found, their furs skinned off, in a stream just north and west of Tahlequah.

Lou Hays, of the local Humane Society, said a jogger on Monday spotted about five of the dead animals off of Woodard Road, a mile west of State Highway 82. Hays said the discovery has left him curious about why the animals’ furs were taken.

“Who did it, and where did they sell the skins? Who’s buying coyote pelts in Cherokee County, or wherever?” Hays asked.

He said the animals appeared to have been shot before being skinned. County employees planned to respond to the creek to handle the disposal of the carcasses, Hays said.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, coyotes are often viewed as a nuisance, but play an important part in the natural ecosystem.

They are open to hunting year-round in the state, with no daily or seasonal limit, according to the ODWC website.

But there are regulations and licensing requirements that should be explored by would-be coyote trappers or hunters. Those can be found in the official Oklahoma Hunting Guide available online through www.wildlife department.com.