Tahlequah Daily Press

March 21, 2014

Suspect in jail after caught taking items

File photo

TAHLEQUAH — A 45-year-old Tulsa man remains jailed in Cherokee County after Tahlequah police caught him taking property last week.

Officer Thomas Donnell arrested Larry Chastain last Friday night near College and Morgan. Donnell said he was patrolling the area when he saw a long piece of metal sticking out of the back of a truck’s tailgate, into the road.

As Donnell turned around to find the driver of the truck, he received a call that a man was stealing scrap metal from a home on Morgan Street, where the truck was parked.

Donnell said he saw Chastain carrying a piece of metal from the home to the truck, where other items were located.

Chastain claimed he was there to clean up the “job site” and told the officer he had to have it cleaned that night.

“Chastain stated that he was told by an unidentified man that he could have the metal if he would go and clean it up,” Donnell said. “I asked him why he did not know the person’s name and he told me that he just didn’t get the name.”

Donnell said police were able to contact the property owners, Steve and Angela Jones, who showed up at the scene and told police they had not given anyone permission to take the items.

Chastain was booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center for theft from a residence. He was given a $1,500 bond.