Tahlequah Daily Press

April 3, 2014

Traffic stop reveals illegal narcotics cache

Staff Writer

MUSKOGEE — Three people were jailed early Wednesday morning after a traffic stop led police to illegal narcotics.

Tahlequah Officer Cory Keele was patrolling near Downing Street when he stopped Kylie Owens, the driver of a car, for a traffic violation. Keele said he requested information from Owens, 20, of Park Hill. The officers also checked on a front-seat passenger, 23-year-old Cody Taylor of Hulbert, and the back-seat passenger, 31-year-old Jaimi Kearney of Tahlequah.

Keele later decided to send canine officer Bo around the vehicle.

Bo gave Keele two positive alerts – one after smelling near the driver’s side of the vehicle, and a second after putting his nose under the passenger’s seat.

Kearney allegedly told Keele the car belonged to her and was dirty, but had nothing illegal inside of it.

Keele said he searched the car and found a silver case containing a pipe with marijuana residue; a clear bag with a white, crystal-like residue; and a cut straw. He also found a clear bag containing a white, crystal substance under the front passenger’s seat, as well as a clear bag containing marijuana in the center console.

Kearney later told Keele she had no idea to whom the items belonged, and said they had given a ride to other people earlier, who had perhaps left the items in the car. Owens and Taylor remained silent, according to Keele.

All three were booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.