Tahlequah Daily Press

May 15, 2013

Letters implicate victim’s mother

Staff Writer

HULBERT — Hand-written letters from a 27-year-old Michigan man accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl detail an unusual relationship among the suspect, the alleged victim and her adoptive mother.

Christopher Dale Adams was arrested last month in Wagoner after an investigation by Sequoyah State Park rangers and the District 27 Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. Adams was formally charged Tuesday with four counts of first-degree rape to a victim under age 14, and one felony count of sodomy.

After his arrest, Adams was warned twice not to contact the alleged victim or her family because they were endorsed as state witnesses, but staff at the Cherokee County Detention Center later intercepted two letters Adams was mailing to “MeMe,” the alleged victim’s adoptive mother. Those letters were turned over to Mike Moore, an investigator for the District Attorney’s Office.

In one letter, Adams expresses his love for “MeMe” and the teenage girl. He explains he has been put on suicide watch at CCDC, and is sleeping on a cement floor with no blanket.

“I feel like [an] animal,” he wrote. “I love you and [the alleged victim] more than anything and now she [probably] already forgot about me and took the ring off. I love her with all my heart and never wanted her to take her ring off. I wanted to make you proud.”

He also begs the woman – whom he identifies as his mother-in-law – to help save his car, which was apparently left at a Wagoner motel when Adams arrived last month thinking he would be meeting the 13-year-old girl.

The second letter was also addressed to “MeMe,” at her Hulbert address, but included a note on the envelope that the letter was directed to Adams’ son. The words, however, seemed to be directed to the alleged victim’s mother.

In the second letter, Adams tells the woman he is writing with “the most broken heart and loss for all words.”

“You know in your heart after the last year how much I love you and [the victim] and your family,” Adams wrote. “All three of us [have] been through everything together. It seems like only yesterday when we all went to Ada. I remember I drove and you sat in the back. We ate at Denny’s and we all stayed at the Holiday Inn together. We all [lay] in bed together that night and watched Chicago Five. I remember we went swimming [and you] got me shorts.”

Adams said he doesn’t understand the charges against him, because he “never forced anything.”

“I remember a long time ago you wrote me and you told me you loved me and I that I could always count on you,” said Adams. “How can you both just stop loving me like we never [meant] anything and how can you forget about me and all the times we shared, like me coming over for breakfast in your kitchen and going to the basketball games in Coweta.”

Adams said the alleged victim – whom he at one point describes in the letters as his fiancé – was all he could think about when he was arrested.

“We have all laughed together and cried together,” he said. “Only you and her can say that I didn’t force anything.”

Authorities allege Adams and the 13-year-old girl began a relationship in October 2012. Information led authorities at Sequoyah State Park, between Hulbert and Wagoner, to suspect Adams and the girl were having a sexual relationship at one of the park’s lodges.

According to Moore, subsequent interviews with the woman identified by Adams as “MeMe” indicated she had paid for Adams to travel from Michigan to Oklahoma, and even dropped her adopted daughter off to be with Adams at lodges and motels.

After his arrest, Adams admitted to authorities that he had nude photos of the 13-year-old girl on one of his cell phones. Court documents show investigators discovered about a dozen photos on the phone, stored in a folder labeled as “Wifey sexy.”

Adams could face not less than five years in prison for each of the four rape charges, and up to 20 years in prison for sodomy. He is being held on a $100,000 bond and is due in district court June 26 for a preliminary hearing. He has pleaded not guilty.

The alleged victim’s adoptive mother could also be charged for her involvement in the case, investigators previously said.