Tahlequah Daily Press

February 22, 2013

Dog makes trek

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Dogs that chase cars are not a new phenomenon, but one local canine recently followed a number of different school buses from Park Hill to the Tahlequah Public School bus barn and earned the respect of animal lovers.

Beth Rogers, member of the Humane Society of Cherokee County, contacted the Daily Press about the animal, saying he seems to be seeking his “kid.”

“I was called by a driver at the bus barn, who said the dog had been following school buses for several days, winding up at the bus barn,” said Rogers. “I was afraid someone would take it to the dog pound, so I got authorization to take him to [a local veterinarian] to have him boarded temporarily. I just know it’s looking for its kid.”

The bus driver who contacted Rogers asked to remain anonymous, but told of the auburn-colored canine’s trip in from Park Hill.

“The dog was following buses,” said the driver. “It started out following a bus driving a route by the nursery near the Murrell Home. He ran after that bus wide open for an unbelievable amount of time. He kept after it until he was just exhausted.”

According to the driver, the dog was spotted the next day at Greenwood Elementary School.

“Well, he followed buses from Greenwood all the way to the bus barn on Pendleton,” said the driver. “What was really special is that he perked up to every single bus that pulled on the lot, like he was looking for someone. He’s just as sweet as he can be, and he’s not a very old dog. He loves somebody dearly, and they got on a school bus somewhere. I just hope the owners find him.”

The person who contacted Rogers also asked the bus drivers in the Park Hill area to let kids know about the animal.

“So far, no one has come forward saying they’re missing a dog,” said the driver. “But I know that dog is missing someone.”

For more information, contact the Humane Society of Cherokee County, (918) 458-7997, and leave a message. All calls will be returned.