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August 28, 2013

Foggy Morning a recent addition to market

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When visiting the Tahlequah Farmers’ Market, patrons may want to make a stop at the Foggy Morning Farms booth, a recent addition to the vendor lineup.

Drew Fenton is in his fifth week with the market, and his produce offerings include okra, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini. He also sells herbs, including basil and dill.

“I have actually visited the market as a customer for a couple of years,” Fenton said. “I have become a supporter of what it represents and how it helps the community. It is a way to sell healthier products at a decent price. That is a big attraction for me.”

Fenton, 25, works a half-acre near Welling. He moved in April to the Tahlequah area from Orange County, Calif.

“I have family here and have visited many times,” he said. “I started to love it here. I met my fiancée here. It is different from Orange County - different on purpose.”

Though Fenton’s farm is not certified organic, he only uses organic methods to raise his produce. He was nearly sold out by noon at Tuesday’s market.

“I’m happy to discuss our methods with anyone who visits the booth,” he said. “We grow without using any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. We do everything nature’s way.”

When talking with customers, Fenton sometimes convinces people to buy produce they have never tried or don’t enjoy.

“Maybe they ate okra and didn’t like it,” he said. “It is fun to suggest a recipe that makes okra taste delicious. Those customers come back next week excited because they enjoyed an okra meal and want some more.”

Though he has been a vendor at the market for only a few weeks, Fenton  already enjoys meeting people and discussing produce.

“I really encourage people to visit these kinds of markets - be it here, Muskogee, Tulsa or wherever,” he said.

“Meet your farmers and know where your food comes from. This is a wholesome experience that I really have come to cherish.”

Featuring local vendors, the Tahlequah Farmers’ Market includes produce such as squash, tomatoes, corn, spinach, lettuce and cabbage. Free-range chicken and eggs are also sold.

The Tahlequah Farmers’ Market meets each Saturday and Tuesday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at Norris Park at the intersection of Morgan Street and Muskogee Avenue. For information, visit www.tahlequahfarmersmarket.org.

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