Tahlequah Daily Press

December 10, 2013

Burger assault leads to woman’s arrest

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Tahlequah police on Saturday arrested an El Reno woman whom they say threw a burger at a McDonald’s employee during an argument in the drive-through lane.

Officer Cory Keele was ordering food in the drive-through and was in line behind Janae M. Limpy, 39. Limpy was arguing with a McDonald’s employee about her order, and continued doing so for some time.

Limpy eventually began to curse the employee, Keele said in his report of the incident.

As the disagreement progressed, the employee told Limpy she could not give her free food, but suggested Limpy could speak with a manager. Limpy then allegedly threw a burger, which struck the employee and the drive-through window.

Keele then approached Limpy, but she refused to give him her identification or to pull forward out of the drive-through lane.

She later complied by pulling out of the lane, but told Keele he had no right to ask for her information.

According to Keele, Limpy smelled of alcohol and told the officer he needed to leave her alone because she was trying to get her order correct.

Employees at McDonald’s told Keele they did not want to serve Limpy and that she was not welcome at the fast-food establishment. Limpy allegedly got out of her SUV and refused to get back in it. She was eventually arrested for driving under the influence, obstructing, and assault and battery.

She allegedly laughed and later told Keele he would “get" his in the future. She also failed to give Keele a direct answer when he asked whether she would take the state’s test to determine her breath-alcohol content.

Keele said he later learned Limpy had an expired tag and was also wanted for an outstanding embezzlement warrant out of Woodward County.

Limpy is now jailed at the Cherokee County Detention Center and will be held for Woodward County authorities.