Tahlequah Daily Press

November 27, 2012

Area man arrested after home invasion

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Hulbert man last week after a home burglary was reported.

Deputies said Randell Chambers called them after returning home and finding a back door had been kicked in. A PlayStation 3, laptop computer, several firearms and other items had been taken from Chambers’ home.

Officers went to a neighbor’s home where Daniel Wayne Mauldin, 23, and a woman were staying. The woman reportedly told deputies she had expected them after hearing what happened, and gave them permission to search the home, but officers found none of the items that had been taken from Chambers’ residence.

Deputies were dispatched back to the residence the following day when Chambers’ father reportedly saw Mauldin walking toward the home that had been broken into. Mauldin saw the father and went back to his residence, according to deputies.

The woman who lived next door to Chambers reportedly gave a one-day notice that she was moving out, so Chambers asked deputies to check inside the home to make sure no one was inside. Deputies said Mauldin was asleep in a bedroom and was detained.

Mauldin allegedly told deputies the woman he’d been staying with asked him to break into the next-door home, and told him where he’d find certain items of value that could be pawned for money. Mauldin allegedly told deputies he instead had another man break into the home in exchange for half of the items, and then helped carry some of them to a nearby creek to be stashed so police didn’t see them.

Deputies were unable to locate the man Mauldin said burglarized the home, but Mauldin was booked on charges of knowingly concealing stolen property.

Court records show Mauldin was charged with larceny of an automobile earlier this year, but prosecutors later moved to dismiss the charges with restitution paid in full. Mauldin also has several former charges for public intoxication in Cherokee County.