Tahlequah Daily Press

February 13, 2013

Woman jailed for making false report to police

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — A Tahlequah woman was jailed Tuesday on allegations she made a false report about being assaulted.

Donna Marie Garrett, 53, called Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies and said she had been involved in a domestic incident with her ex-husband, with whom she was living. Deputies said Garrett claimed to need an ambulance, but when medical personnel arrived, she became uncooperative.

Garrett allegedly told deputies her ex-husband punched and kicked her in the face, then choked her and threw her against the walls of the home. But when deputies asked if Garrett had suffered any injuries or had any marks from the altercation, she allegedly told them she is “tough,” and became angry and verbally abusive when they tried to look for injuries.

Deputies said they couldn’t find any marks on Garrett’s body, and her ex-husband had no marks on his hands that indicated he might have attacked Garrett.

Garrett’s ex-husband told deputies he arrived home to find Garrett drunk and abusive toward him. He told deputies Garrett picked up two Mason jars and broke them, then made her way toward him with pieces of the broken glass, so he shoved her away to defend himself.

Deputies said Garrett refused to leave the home, and wanted to write a statement about the incident. She was then told filing a false report is a crime and that she could be arrested, but Garrett told the deputies she didn’t “give a f---.”

After Garrett filled out her statement, she was arrested by deputies, who said she also smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on her feet, and admitted to drinking alcohol. She allegedly told deputies she was thankful for them “getting me out of there, even if I am going to jail.”

Once she was taken into the Cherokee County Detention Center, Garrett allegedly became verbally abusive to employees and made sexual remarks about her body and about the need for CCDC officers to check her for a sexually-transmitted disease.

Deputies said they learned Garrett has previously been jailed at CCDC on alcohol-related charges and is often verbally abusive toward officers.

Court records show Garrett had two public-intoxication charges against her in 2011; a charge of driving under the influence in 2004; and a breaking-and-entering charge in 2010.