Tahlequah Daily Press

April 2, 2014

History Day Winners


TAHLEQUAH — Northeastern State University hosted the District 8 Oklahoma History Day regional competition on Tuesday, April 1. Listed are winners who advance to the state competition on May 7-8 at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. The Junior Division includes grades 6-8 and the Senior Division is for grades 9-12.

Junior Individual Exhibit

First place - Child Labor Laws by Oscar Gonzales, Ben Franklin Science Academy

Second place - Harriet Tubman: Fighting for Freedom by Deliyah Tolefree, Harris Jobe Elementary

Third place - Robert E. Lee by Mason Page, Ben Franklin Science Academy

Junior Group Exhibit

First place - Women’s Suffrage by Braden Arnall, Josh Copeland and Brandon Berry, Tahlequah Middle School

Second Place - Taking a Shot at Gun Control by Gable Couch, Lauren Lane and Patricia Yandell, Tahlequah Middle School

Third Place - China-One Child Policy by Macy Reasor, Taylor Falwell, Ivee Baker and Kayleigh Spears, Tahlequah Middle School

Junior Group Performance

First place - It Was Worth It! by Kamryn Johnson, Seth Sifuentes, Emily Johnson and Harleigh Sharp, Muldrow Middle School

Junior Group Documentary

First place - The Cherokee Way by Izaiah Fiedler, Tate Schneider and Ryan Hembree, Tahlequah Middle School

Junior Group Web Site

First place - Child Labor by Haden Moles, Gunnar Benson and Graeme Pursley, Tahlequah Middle School

Second place - The Fight For Freedom by Sydney Taylor, Mason Pack and Sidney Olson, Tahlequah Middle School

Third place - Citizenship in the USA by Brandi Pait, Hannah Sweeney and Sara Dunn, Tahlequah Middle School

Senior Historical Paper

First place - The Tragedy of Tiananmen by Elizabeth V. Owen, Tahlequah Catholic Home School

Second place - The Caste System of India by Anna Venizelos, Claremore High School

Third place - Emmeline Parkhurst and the Fight For Women’s Suffrage in England by Jessica Hammer, Claremore High School

Senior Individual Exhibit

First place - The Voyage of the S.S. St. Louis by Madison Reavis, Muskogee High School

Second place - Women’s Rights and Responsibility in Fashion by Olivia Ericson, Muskogee High School

Third Place - Roberto Clemente by Devin Mondaine, Muskogee High School

Senior Group Exhibit

First place - The Good Terrorist by Bailey Bacon, Emily Parkinson and Taylor McCracken, Claremore High School   

Second place - George Washington by Andrew Noland, Ty Webster, Zane King, Josh Long and Stirling Mackie, Claremore High School

Third place - My Lai! You Lie! by Tayler Robertson, Kelsey Wheeler, Trevor Manness and Spencer Gotcher, Claremore High School

Senior Individual Documentary

First place - Fairy Tales: Legends, Myths, and Folklore by Genevieve Biggers, Tahlequah High School

Second Place - To Fight or Not To Fight by Dylan Abbot, Muldrow High School  

Senior Group Documentary

First place - Little Rock Nine: Rights and Responsibilities by Kayetlyn Wilhite and Seth Chapuis, Muskogee High School

Second place - Grey Areas by Gideon Moore and Kelby Grey, Muldrow High School

Grey Areas

Muldrow HS  Karen Page

Senior Group Web Site

First place - Woman’s Suffrage Rights by Emma Really, Ginna Johnson and Lauren Slape, Keys High School

Second place - Treaty 6 by Tyler Girdner,  Aaron Schwartz, Tyler Russell and Bryan Neff, Keys High School

Sweepstakes Awards

Junior Division - Tahlequah Middle School

Senior Division - Claremore High School, Muskogee High School (tie)