Tahlequah Daily Press

January 28, 2014

Most residents access Internet with DSL


TAHLEQUAH — With Rural Broadband Service Corporation moving ahead with plans to provide commercial broadband service in the county, the Tahlequah Daily Press asked readers to respond to an online poll.

The Daily Press asked the question, “For Cherokee County residents: What sort of internet provider do you use?” Respondents were asked whether they used DSL - something like UVerse (AT&T); cable (Tahlequah Cable TV); satellite - like Wild Blue or HughesNet; some other service, or did not have service.

A plurality of respondents, 38 percent or 72 votes, used DSL. Another 18 percent, or 35 votes, reported using a service not listed.

Of the respondents, 17 percent, or 33 voters, reported using cable service to access the Internet, and 16 percent, or 31 voters, reported using satellite. Eleven percent, or 21 voters, said they did not have Internet access.