Tahlequah Daily Press

April 5, 2014

Most readers favor STD education for children


TAHLEQUAH — When it comes to teaching children about sexually transmitted diseases, parents may understandably have mixed feelings. Perhaps they believe they bear foremost responsibility, but public education can include the research and input of medical professionals.

In a recent online poll, the Tahlequah Daily Press asked the question, “Do you believe children should be educated about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or venereal disease?” Respondents were given choices of:

“Yes, as early as possible in elementary school.”

“Yes, but only after they get to high school.”

“Yes, but not at school - only parents should talk to their children about STDs.”

“No, because it encourages them to have sex out of wedlock.”


A majority of respondents, 54 percent or 109 votes, said early education about STDs in elementary school was a good idea. Another 31 percent, or 63 votes, supported education once students reached high school.

Of the respondents, 12 percent, or 25 voters, said parents should assume the responsibility of education. Two voters, or one percent, were against STD education for children, and two voters, or one percent, were undecided.