Tahlequah Daily Press

December 27, 2013

Champagne Idea


TAHLEQUAH — If hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration and providing the libations, the different champagnes can present a dizzying array of options, but there are a number that are frequently recommended.

Firstly, unless willing to tolerate a rap on the knuckles by the champagne police, use the correct terminology. True champagne is produced in the Champagne wine region in northeast France. If the label reads “champagne,” that is where it was produced.

Carbonated vino produced elsewhere must go by the name “sparkling wine.” So the following recommendations are for sparkling wine.

Montsarra is an economical choice with a quality taste. Economy can be a consideration when so much of the product may end up on clothing, tables and the floor. Cost is about $16 per bottle.

Riondo Prosecco sells for about $12, and also provides taste for the money. It has a fruity flavor and fewer bubbles, giving it a wide appeal.

If willing to spend a little more, try the sparkling rose Cremant de Bourgogne, which usually sells for less that $25.

Of course, the best champagne - or sparkling wine - to serve at a New Year’s Eve party is the host’s favorite.