Tahlequah Daily Press

July 24, 2013

Reality TV online exclusive

What the locals are watching!

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Brent Been: I think people watch way too much t.v. Reality shows suck, and I'm going to the river!

Tery DeShong: Next Food Network star!

John Morgan: Big Brother

Catherine Carlin: Duck Dynasty

Robbie Frank: Mob Wives....forget about it!

Patricia Weber: I don't like reality shows. Period.

Gengy Edwards: American Pickers.

Michelle Hopper Childs: Big brother and survivor.

Keith Moore: Fast and loud

Ken Rystedt: do not like any of them never watch

Jay Eric Cook: Either baggage battles or shipping wars!

Cathy Cooper Cott: Swamp People! Choot 'em!!

Lora Ann Limore: BIG BROTHER!!!

Michael Stopp: C-Span 2, you never know what they're gonna do! Though usually nothing....

Marsha Taylor: Big Brother. i'm addicted!

Tony Curmudgeon O'seland: We watch Antiques Roadshow and American Pickers occasionally...but I find the "reality" base content on these other so-called shows to be lacking. They want reality? Let them come watch us scramble to find the money for our mortgage so we don't lose our house any given month,

Debra Weidman: Don't watch 'reality' shows. Too flippin' much "drama" and bad behaviour. I DO like Holmes on Homes, though. I MIGHT watch TV 2 or 3 hours per month. I am NOT a huge fan.

Joe Brownell: TOP SHOT!

Laura Garner: Whodunit!

J.c. Thompson: I Hate Reality Shows!! They have ruined TV, cheap to make and little artistic ability to write for. Yeah great for our IQ's.

Albert Soto: Resturant Impossible and the Duggars 19 Kids and Counting.

Margie Teregon Ingram: I absolutely HATE reality tv. If i cant change the channel, then I will leave the room

Liza Warren: Can't leave out Bachelorette, under the deck, desperate housewives of nj

Kris Strehlow-Cooper: Whodunnit is awesome! My husband, my 9 year old son and I are hooked!!

Lucas Foster: Duck Dynasty...hands down.

Jyssica Snyder: Duck dynasty and pretty wicked moms.

Derek Geasland: Hero with Dwayne Johnson ask the rock and redneck island with stone cold Steve Austin!!!

Bethany Vance-Lindsey: The hub says Duck Dynasty, Swamp People and Street Outlaws.

Bill Krueger: Duck Dynasty

Olga Hoenes: Duck Dynesty

Beth Drywater-Foreman: Hero & 72 hours

Shawna Smith: Oh... And anything Gordon Ramsay.

Shawna Smith: Big Brother and Duck Dynasty

Jay Eric Cook: Oh yea! Swamp people too!!!

Chrystal Craig: Dr. G: Medical Examiner (however you spell it), Maury and Judge Joe Brown

Christy Gibson:-Taylor Naked and Afraid

Jett Swats: Ink Master lol

Marta Franks Ashlock: Big Brother, The Bachelorette, Dance Moms, Duck Dynasty

Joe Elliott: Top Shot, Naked and Afraid, Mountain Men.....

Nicotine Da'shain: THIS is a story? Sounds like tabloid trash to me.

Michael McQueen: Duck Dynasty and Ultimate Survival Alaska

Julie Anne Yandell: I love Extreme make over weight loss edition!

Shirley A Bowlin: Nekkid and Afraid, yes it is a real show, and it is good, I think it is on TLC

Susan Jefferson: What's that mining one where they're also looking for ghosts? Is that considered a reality show ... because that was was kind of creepy but fascinating.

Larry Little: "So You Think You Can Dance" and "The Next Design Star"

Patricia Lee: Storage Wars

A.c. Cargill: Don't watch 'em.

Bobbie Sue Girdner: big brother

Lorrie Ann Harris-Houck: american pickers

Karla Kirk Hopkins: Who done it