Tahlequah Daily Press

March 26, 2014

Cherokee County Student Art Show winners


TAHLEQUAH — Madilyn Hatfield, who attends fifth grade at Tahlequah Middle School, won Best of Show at the Cherokee County Student Art Show. However, medals and prizes were awarded for first, second and third places, and honorable mention in seven age divisions.

The winners:

Prekindergarten and kindergarten

First - Mia Cloud, Briggs

Second - Roxann Vazquez, Greenwood

Third - Nathaniel Vintges, Briggs

Honorable Mention - Carsyn Gilbert, Heritage

Honorable Mention - Madison Fantigrossi - Shiloh Christian

First and Second Grades

First - Gunter Allen, Briggs

Second - Ava Rheads, Shiloh Christian

Third - Hali Streeter, Heritage

Honorable Mention - Kelson Deckard, Heritage

Honorable Mention - Sam Mitchell - Shiloh Christian

Third and Fourth Grades

First - Sianne Studie, Briggs

Second - Xadan Carshall, Briggs

Third - Catherine Cole, Cherokee

Honorable Mention - Jodi Gahn, Shiloh Christian

Honorable Mention - Erin Bennett, Heritage

Fifth and Sixth Grades

First - Abby Kinion-Young, Shiloh

Second - Erin Berry, Tahlequah Middle School

Third - Carly Bearpaw, Briggs

Honorable Mention - Ethan Charles, Tahlequah Middle School

Honorable Mention - Katie Retherford, Tahlequah Middle School

Seventh and Eighth Grades

First - Preslee Keener, Shiloh Christian

Second - Sylvie Horton, Briggs

Third - Jacob Washington, Tahlequah Middle School

Honorable Mention - Katy Medlin, Hulbert Junior High School

Honorable Mention - Jaebrey Kirk, Briggs

Ninth and Tenth Grades

First - Rachel Archer, Tahlequah High School

Second - Hailey Boston, Hulbert High School

Third - Anne Marie Wheeler, Tahlequah High School

Honorable Mention - Loni McClure, Hulbert High School

Honorable Mention - Alisson Rodriguez, Tahlequah High School

Eleventh and Twelfth Grades

First - Brooke Hunter, Tahlequah High School

Second - Jayden Littlechief, Tahlequah High School

Third - Ashley Avalon - Sequoyah High School

Honorable Mention - Brittney Oaks, Tahlequah High School

Honorable Mention - Aaron Ketcher, Tahlequah High School