Tahlequah Daily Press

January 31, 2014

Many locals plan to watch Winter Olympics


TAHLEQUAH — With the XXII Winter Olympiad beginning Feb. 6, the Tahlequah Daily Press asked readers to respond to an online poll.

The Daily Press asked the question, “What sport are you most eagerly anticipating in the upcoming Winter Olympics?” Respondents were asked whether they used liked snowskiing, figure skating, ice hockey, bobsleigh and luge, other events (ski jumping, snowboard, freestyle skiing, biathlon, curling), or did not watch the Olympics.

A plurality of respondents, 29 percent or 17 votes, said they had no plans to watch the Olympics. Another 27 percent, or 16 votes, said they were looking forward to the figure skating competitions.

Of the respondents, 24 percent, or 14 voters, said they were interested in other events, and 7 percent, or 4 voters, were tallied for bobsleigh and luge, and for snowskiing. Three voters, or five percent, said they would watch speed skating, and one vote was cast for hockey.