When it comes to positive indicators for the economy, President Trump is quick to boast about his performance, and he may deserve a tip of the hat in some areas. But in other ways, he is taking credit when not that much is due.

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You know how you can get an earworm - a song that plays in your head in an endless loop that prevents you from falling asleep? Or you obsess on a certain topic to such a degree that even a Valium and a TV tuned to "Forensic Files" won't do the trick?

WASHINGTON - If Sen. Ben Sasse is right - he has not recently been wrong about anything important - the nation's most-discussed political problem is entangled with the least-understood public health problem. The political problem is furious partisanship. The public health problem is loneline…

For somebody like me, the Major League Baseball playoffs serve as a splendid diversion from the squalor of partisan politics. For serious fans, the drama of an October Red Sox-Yankees series provides the kind of emotional release others derive from a night at the symphony or a hike through a…

WASHINGTON - President Trump apologized to Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family for the "terrible pain and suffering" they endured during his confirmation process, declaring that "what happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process." Democrats s…


The national turmoil leading up to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will go down as an interesting chapter in history - and despite the belief of his supporters and those of President Trump, history will look favorably on the public backlash, and less so on the offici…


As I watched the sights and sounds of the very powerful and much-appreciated protest at the U.S. Supreme Court, I recalled our country embroiled in U.S. Supreme Court controversy before.

WASHINGTON - Like many Americans struck by the liberal versus conservative political and social divides in America, I have been trying to make some sense of it all these last few tormenting weeks.

Life is factually very short in Stilwell, Oklahoma. For a longer life, move 10 miles east to Evansville, Arkansas, and odds are your family will live 22.6 years longer - to the national average of 78.8 years.

Elsewhere in this edition of the Tahlequah Daily Press, readers will find a form for TDP's annual Salute to the Armed Forces. As always, we hope everyone who has served in some capacity will participate in this important and informative tribute.

Not long after a 2017 meeting in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly discussed wearing a wire to secretly record conversations with President Trump, two top officials in the meeting, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and bureau lawyer Lisa Page, went to the office of a th…


Anyone familiar with reports filed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers have seen it before. When the trooper describes the incident in the report, it reads something like this: "Subject vehicle left roadway for unknown reason."

WASHINGTON - The descent of American capitalism into a racket is being greased by professed capitalists in government, in collaboration with professed capitalists in what is called, with decreasing accuracy, the private sector. This is occurring under the auspices of Republicans, and while m…

Pity the poor white man. He can't catch a break in this country. The nation's capital in particular is filled with persecuted Republican dudes crying woe. No less an authority on male victimization than Donald Trump Jr. complains that he fears for his young sons. In Washington, see, all it t…


What's going to happen when Nov. 6 rolls around? Since voters learned in 2016 that they can no longer rely on the veracity of polls, the outcome of this general election is anybody's guess.

WASHINGTON - The decision by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley to have Arizona sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell question Christine Blasey Ford may well be remembered as a brilliant - and quite possibly pivotal - choice.


The more languages a person can speak, the more valuable his niche in today's global society will be. Those who speak two or more languages can write their own career tickets, and have a variety of choices not only in terms of what they do, but where they do it.

WASHINGTON - One of the things that has occurred to me this last week - besides the idea of moving alone to a cabin in northern Siberia or offering myself as a sacrifice to some Amazonian tribe - is that it used to be the woman's "past" that was vilified, ogled over and deliciously relished,…

Conspiracy theories are always something that intrigued me. It is interesting to me that some people could just casually start pontificating on a particular historical subject, and before you know it, the person spinning conspiratorial darkness on every subject from the Japanese invasion of …

WASHINGTON - President Trump, in the Rose Garden on Monday morning to celebrate a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, displayed a side seldom, if ever, seen before: a flash of self-awareness.


With all the information and treatments available in the 21st century, reasonably astute people might assume sexually transmitted diseases have been all but eradicated. They would be wrong. In fact, in Oklahoma, STDs are on the rise.

Ask any casual observer what the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation fight is about, and the answer will be the allegation that at a high school party 36 years ago, when Kavanaugh was 17, he drunkenly forced then-15-year-old Christine Ford onto a bed, tried to undress her and, when sh…

A high-end retail chain is selling what looks like a pair of used tennis shoes that have a large strip of tattered duct tape across the toe - for $530.

In his first three months as OU president, James Gallogly has outlined a plan for the university's future that includes increasing faculty salaries, freezing tuition and cutting into OU's debt.

WASHINGTON - Without being aware of it, Vernon Madison might become a footnote in constitutional law because he is barely aware of anything. For more than 30 years, Alabama, with a tenacity that deserves a better cause, has been trying to execute him for the crime he certainly committed, the…

In the end, everything -- every blasted thing -- gets sucked into the polarization black hole, never to emerge again.

This week we join millions of readers across American in celebrating Banned Books Week, an initiative of the American Library Association that's designed to draw national attention to the harms of censorship.

WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats seeking to derail Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination knew they had a problem. In other prominent cases of the #MeToo era, multiple victims had come forward to corroborate each other's stories and present a pattern of predatory behavior. But in K…

Oklahoma leads the world in incarceration rates for numerous reasons -- overcrowding and under-funding topping the list.

Where do Republicans place a higher priority: on confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, or retaining their majorities in Congress?

WASHINGTON - This week marked the anniversary of a war most Americans scarcely remember, but which definitively influenced our times. Most of the rest of the world has forgotten about it, too, except of course the families of the million who died in it.

One of the world's largest and stateless ethnic minorities are the Kurdish people. There are anywhere between 30-40 million Kurds in the world today.

Think with me. A billion seconds equals about 31 years. A trillion seconds equals over 31,000 years. Western civilization didn't even exist that long ago. If you think in terms of money, a stack of one million $100 bills would be about four feet high. A stack on one billion $100 bills would …


This past Saturday, a number of area residents participated in an event to promote awareness about suicide and the devastation it can wreak on families. The Tahlequah Out of the Darkness Community Walk was to be among the largest fundraising events for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Here's what baffles Senate Republicans. Democrats on the Judiciary Committee insisted that Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford be given a chance to tell her story. Everybody knows the wrangling that took place over the last week, as Ford's legal team and committee chairman Chuck Gr…


A friend of mine told me the other day her granddaughter, in middle school, was grousing about how "mean" her teachers are. One of these tyrannical educators had the nerve to send her to the principal's office for texting her boyfriend in class.


Sometimes, law enforcement officers can be their own worst enemies. The staunch loyalty to their colleagues via the "blue line" is commendable, and has saved many lives. But among certain segments of the population, the line is a wall that covers misdeeds - and sometimes, murder.

WASHINGTON - The current era of scorched-earth politics began five years after there was, according to Christine Blasey Ford, in 1982, an alcohol-soaked party in a suburban Washington. There her 15-year-old self was, she says, assaulted by 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, who categorically denie…

Probably it's not possible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether or not Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted then-15-year-old Christine Blasey Ford at a high school house party back in 1982. However, that's not the issue. Kavanaugh's not being charged with a crime, but with being a creep.


Last week, former President Barack Obama re-emerged onto the political scene, encouraging Americans to choose Democrats in November to force accountability upon President Trump. In doing so, he was veering away from a tradition held by U.S. presidents to avoid criticizing their successors.

WASHINGTON - In his new book "Fear," Bob Woodward recounts that in April 2017, after President Trump saw images of dead Syrian children with their mouths foaming from a sarin attack, he called Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and issued an order: Get me a plan for a military strike to take out S…


Back in the day, reading was one of the favorite pastimes of many Americans. Whether a community had its own public library or had to wait for the bookmobile to arrive, children and adults alike were eager to get their hands on the latest works from their favorite authors.

WASHINGTON - When you read about the tragic deaths in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, you'll find two "real" stories pulling you to tears and anger with their drama, pathos and sense of injustice.

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