Tahlequah Daily Press

June 12, 2014

Local man collapses after taking ‘spice’

Staff reports

TAHLEQUAH — A local man who took synthetic cannabinoids Tuesday evening collapsed in front of officers when they responded to a disturbance.

Tahlequah Sgt. Jason Girdner said he was called to East Morgan Street when a woman reported a man was high on synthetic marijuana and was inside her apartment.

The man was inside a room and leaning against a wall, “shaking vigorously,” Girdner reported. He had a difficult time standing and was having trouble acknowledging Girdner and Officer Tony Aguilar.

“[The man] then suddenly went rigid and collapsed into the side of the bed,” Girdner said. “[He laid] there with his eyes wide open and appeared to be unconscious.”

The man eventually responded to officers but refused medical treatment. He told officers he only wanted to sleep, and initially denied smoking the synthetic substances.

Later, he admitted to officers he had smoked synthetic substances earlier in the day.

Officers told the man they would be asking prosecutors to file charges against him for possession of marijuana, which the man allegedly had in his pocket.