Tahlequah Daily Press

February 28, 2014

Deputies probing theft of firearms cache


TAHLEQUAH — Deputies of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department were called to investigate the theft of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition from a building at a residence north of Fort Gibson.

On Wednesday, a man reported the locks on his gate and shop building were cut and that several items were missing. Listed in the report are 10,000 .22-caliber cartridges, 250 Winchester 12-gauge sporting load shells, six Bowie knives, 50 pocket knives, a Thompson Center Black Diamond .50-caliber rifle with serial number 80949, a Thompson Center Black Diamond stainless steel, a Remington 700 muzzleloading .50-caliber, a Hawken Renegade .50-caliber with serial number 143701, a Thompson Center Seneca .45-caliber with serial number 41652, a Remington Model 11 12-gauge with serial number 947, a Harrington and Richardson SS1 .22-caliber rifle with serial number HX210273, and a Marliin 81TS .22-caliber rifle with serial number 03349218. Deputies took the gate lock as evidence.

On Wednesday, deputies responded to a complaint by a Hulbert woman that her medication was stolen. The woman claimed a neighbor had called asking why her Ritalin was at his house, and would not return it. The neighbor claimed in an interview with Deputy Bryan Qualls that the woman gave the pills to his wife as payment to cut the woman’s hair. In a subsequent interview, the woman denied using the pills as payment. The neighbor turned in the pills to the sheriff’s office. No arrests were made.

Deputies took a report of phone fraud from a woman Wednesday. She her personal information had been erased on her phone by another woman. She further claimed the woman had locked the phone and was using it to track the complainant’s movements.

A Park Hill woman reported Tuesday medications were stolen from her home.