Tahlequah Daily Press

October 23, 2013

Man picked up for property destruction


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Hulbert man Monday for destruction of property.

Deputies were called to the Peggs area after witnesses said Jacob Miles Mullens, 18, grabbed an object and tossed it at a truck, busting the rear window and putting a dent in the cab. Mullens left, but deputies later spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Mullens allegedly told deputies he is 17, but when his father was called to the scene, deputies learned Mullens is 18.

In other matters, deputies arrested Matthew Tray Cordell, 27, of Tahlequah, on Monday for destruction of private property. Cordell allegedly broke doors and a table during an argument. Deputies had previously taken a report from Paula Cordell about doors being kicked down and holes being punched into some walls.

Kimberly Brown filed an information report Monday.

Gregory Moore also filed an information report.

Boyd Copeland told deputies his outside air conditioner was stolen Monday.

Stacy Donaldson filed a report recently after his vehicle was found on blocks with all four tires gone. Donaldson said the stereo, amplifiers, speakers and other items were also taken. Deputies tracked down two suspects – a 17-year-old and his 15-year-old brother – who were interviewed about the thefts. The 15-year-old told deputies he and his brother committed the theft, but the 17-year-old said he had tried to get his younger brother to stop stealing things, according to a deputy’s report.

Deputies spoke to Elizabeth Rose recently about a residential burglary.

Deputies filed a death-investigation report last week on Joseph K. Adams, 80, of Cookson. The report lists Adams’ manner of death as natural.