Tahlequah Daily Press

October 29, 2013

Man jailed for DUI after traffic stop


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Tahlequah man Saturday after a traffic stop.

Matthew Ryan Caviness, 20, was booked into jail for aggravated driving under the influence. Deputies said Caviness had a breath-alcohol content of .19 when he took the state’s test.

Deputies arrested Amanda Ellen Dunn, 27, of Tahlequah, on Sunday for public intoxication, resisting arrest and obstruction. Deputies said they were responding to a disturbance when Dunn and a male subject fled into a wooded area. Dunn was later found hiding, but allegedly refused to cooperate with deputies and lied to them.

Clarence Edward Anderson, 61, of Locust Grove, was arrested Saturday for driving under the influence of drugs. Anderson was stopped after allegedly driving into oncoming traffic. Anderson told deputies he had taken his prescribed medication. He was taken to a Tahlequah hospital to submit to a blood test. Deputies said he had slurred speech, was slow to respond to questions, and had a hard time standing.

In other matters, Hannah Holdcraft filed a report last week after her home was burglarized. She told deputies the thief took a laptop computer, a lock box with important documents, a check book, a credit card, and several hundred of her medications.

David Holdcraft also filed a burglary report last week and said the suspect took a 32-inch TV, numerous XBox games and BluRay movies, along with medication, an XBox, a laptop, two cell phones and a phone charger.

Mary Smith spoke with deputies last week about the theft of a Daisy pellet gun. The gun is designed in a camouflage look.

Tiffany Wing filed a report Sunday after a man stabbed her in the hand, pushed her to the ground and drove over her right leg and left ankle with his truck. Wing was treated by EMS but deputies were unable to locate the suspect, who is expected to face charges of domestic assault and battery and two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Jami Robinson told deputies she was threatened by the owner of a dog because she asked the owner to keep the dog off her property.

Osiel Sierra filed a report after a man’s vehicle slung rocks and caused a window on Sierra’s truck to break. Sierra said he went to the man’s home, and the man agreed to pay for the damages, but later said he would not.

Jeremy Labby filed a report Saturday after he was threatened by a woman who wielded a pipe wrench.

Dusty Dale filed a burglary report Sunday.

Carl Shade Jr. filed an information report last week.

David Kelley reported his red 2003 Jeep stolen Saturday. The Jeep has a tag number of 802-DZI.

Jimmy Lang reported the theft of an air conditioning unit last week.

Cartayah Crossland reported threats and a disturbance.

Geneva Wilson reported a stolen handicapped placard last week.

Kristina Tyree, a resident at the complex, called the sheriff’s office to report a man had made multiple attempts to enter her apartment and was demanding he be allowed inside. Marion Smith was found sitting on the front steps of a residence at Garden Walk and arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

Also on Thursday, deputies responded to a report of breaking and entering and burglary at OK S Discount Storage on U.S. Highway 62. A lock was cut off a single unit, from which an old Sony television was stolen.

On Monday, deputies took a complaint of vandalism from a Hulbert woman who reported a broken window at her residence on North Grace Hudlen Road.