Tahlequah Daily Press

January 17, 2014

Tahlequah man jailed for obstructing officers out on bond

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Booking records show a Tahlequah man jailed last weekend at Speedy’s for obstructing officers is out on bond.

Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested Kyle Wayne Denton, 23, for possession of burglary tools, obstruction, operating a vehicle without a driver’s license and possession of paraphernalia late Saturday night.

A report filed by Deputy Jarrick Snyder says a caller noticed a suspicious vehicle parked behind a storage building just east of Speedy’s. Snyder and deputies Raymond Hendricks and Bryan Qualls responded. Witnesses said the vehicle had left the area at one point, but returned before deputies arrived.

Snyder approached the Jeep, which was still running, and Denton held his hands up, the deputy said. Denton was asked to step out of the vehicle, and Snyder noticed Denton had a large knife sticking out of his pocket.

Denton also told deputies he had a BB gun pistol in the vehicle. Snyder found it beneath an empty back pack and noticed the pistol’s colored tip, which helps identify it as a BB gun rather than a real handgun, had been removed.

Denton allegedly told deputies he was waiting on a Welling buddy, and claimed he frequently parked behind the storage facility, even though he had to drive off-road to get to that area.

Deputies asked Denton for his buddy’s name and how to contact the man to confirm his story, but Denton wouldn’t provide that information. Instead, he said his friend wouldn’t speak with officers because he doesn’t like cops, and that the friend probably wouldn’t stop if he saw the deputies speaking to Denton.

Snyder said Denton was wearing a stocking cap on his head and a black bandana around his neck. Inside his vehicle, along with the BB gun, was an empty back pack.

Qualls later spoke with Denton after reading him his rights, and Denton allegedly changed his story, claiming he was waiting on his girlfriend from Tahlequah, but would not give her name or number.

During questioning, Denton denied he had any intention of trying to commit a crime at Speedy’s, and claimed he always carried the knife and BB gun, deputies said.

They also learned Denton did not have a valid license. Denton allegedly told deputies his license had recently expired and must have been taken out of “the system,” though a records check revealed Denton had never had a license matching the information he provided, according to Snyder.

Deputies discovered a long, silver tube with a burnt residue inside Denton’s vehicle, according to the arrest report.

Snyder said Denton is a former Speedy’s employee.