Tahlequah Daily Press

July 19, 2013

Food stamp card stolen at business


TAHLEQUAH — Sheriff’s deputies met with employees of Speedy’s this week after a woman took another customer’s food stamp card and left the store.

Employees said two women were paying for items at the same time, both with a food stamp card. One woman ended up taking both of the cards before the clerks and the second customer realized what happened. Deputies said they viewed surveillance video of the transaction and the suspect apparently knew she had someone else’s food stamp card, as well as her own, but left the store instead of giving it back.

In other matters, deputies spoke to Steven Lingelboch this week after he was threatened on the phone by a known suspect.

Janis Trevelyan filed a harassment report Tuesday and told deputies her neighbor stopped a delivery truck as it was headed to her residence. The neighbor questioned the truck driver about his destination and who he was delivering a package to. Trevelyan said she has had ongoing issues with the neighbor.

Tyler Harmon, Tara Maine and Kiwah Gilbert all spoke with deputies this week about a burglary. The three said several firearms were taken, including a Savage .270-caliber rifle, a .50-caliber CVA Wolf muzzleloader, a Mossberg Model 500 shotgun, a single-shot 10 gauge shotgun, and a green 10-gun safe. Also stolen were a Hitachi 46-inch LCD TV, a truck title, and Social Security cards.

Erv Kimble filed a burglary report this week.

T.J. Girdner filed a report about a vehicle that was stolen earlier this year being returned by a woman who said she did not know it was stolen.

Raymond Hendrix told deputies this week about a shop building being burglarized.