Tahlequah Daily Press

November 21, 2012

Three nabbed at club


TAHLEQUAH — Three people were arrested early Tuesday morning after police were called to Club Effex.

Officers said two people were in an argument, and one of them – Kendra Camplain, 22, of Tahlequah – punched the other. Camplain was arrested for assault and battery, while the other – Joshua Mouse, 22, of Tahlequah – was arrested for public intoxication and obstruction. Police also arrested a third person who was passed out at the scene. Chris Ashwood Jr., 20, of Keifer, was booked for public intoxication.

Courtney Barr, 19, of Colcord, was arrested Tuesday for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Taylor A. Rogers, 19, of Broken Arrow, was stopped by police for failing to maintain a lane Tuesday morning and arrested for DUI.

Sheryl Mabie spoke to police Friday about stolen property.

Hilario Camaro told police last week his TV was vandalized.

Robert Wright told police Thursday his cell phone was stolen from Tahlequah Public Schools.

Lacey Van Dolah reported a domestic disturbance Sunday.