Tahlequah Daily Press

February 10, 2014

Keys student steals Kindle Fire tablet


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies took a report last week when a 17-year-old Keys High School student stole a Kindle Fire tablet.

Deputy Bob Lewandowski said he was talking with a family member of the student and learned the teen had a Kindle tablet, which he claimed had been loaned to him from a teacher to keep so long as his grades were good.

Lewandowski said the teen later brought the tablet to school, and the deputy asked about the device. The boy told the deputy he had purchased the device at Best Buy, but told a family member he got it from school.

Lewandowski checked with school officials and learned the tablet had been missing from a classroom. The boy later admitted he had taken the identification sticker off of the device and hidden the tablet’s box in the school.