Tahlequah Daily Press

May 1, 2013

Sheriff's Beat - Car lot reports vehicle missing


TAHLEQUAH — A Keys used car lot representative discovered a vehicle missing over the weekend. Carter’s Used Cars informed sheriff’s deputies on Sunday that a two-door 1987 Chevy S-10 pickup was taken. The vehicle, which is bluish in color, has an Oklahoma license tag, number 770-DDZ, expiring this year.

Robert Wheeler filed a theft report April 26 after discovering two spools of copper Southwestern Bell telephone wire missing from his Welling property. Wheeler told deputies that a known suspect had asked for the copper wiring and was told no, while the sunglasses of another known suspect were found near where the spools of telephone wire were located.

Terry Jones filed a domestic assault report April 27. Jones told deputies a known suspect came to her Tahlequah residence to see relatives at the property. Jones said the suspect pushed her down some steps. Jones reported going to W.W. Hastings Hospital for evaluation, where she was told she fractured her spine.

On April 26, Fox Blackfox reported an illegal dumping discovered at a church  on East 650 Road. Blackfox told deputies  he looked through the trash and found a piece of mail with the name of a possible suspect.

Charlotte Dillard filed a theft report April 29. Dillard informed deputies office employee reported an unknown couple closed the mail box. The employee said she didn’t remember the couple having identification, just a piece of mail, and noted the man would not look her in the eye. According to the report, Dillard showed the picture of a known suspect that was published in “Muskogee Mugs” and the employee said she thought it was the same man. Dillard reported the mugshot of the known suspect is the biological father of a foster child in her custody and believes the suspect may now have DHS documentation, which would reveal Dillard’s physical address.

Angel Sanchez filled a theft report April 24. Sanchez said unknown suspects took a lawnmower trailer, which belonged to his cousin, from his Grand View Road residence sometime between April 23 and 24.

Amber Donnell filed an information report April 29 after a man representing the Stealth Recovery service repossessed a vehicle she co-owns with her ex-husband.  Donnell reported she recently became divorced. Donnell told deputies she informed the repo man she had documentation that would verify she was not behind on the payments.