Tahlequah Daily Press

December 27, 2013

S.C. man jailed for theft


TAHLEQUAH — Sheriff’s deputies this week filed a report on the Dec. 18 arrest of a South Carolina man who was allegedly caught stealing lumber from a home.

Jack Martin Coble, 39, of Hennisville, S.C., was booked into jail for grand larceny and trespassing. Deputies said a property owner called them and reported suspects on his property stealing from a home. Deputies arrived and found Coble and two other men on the property. Coble had previously been told to stay off of the property, according to deputies. The other two men told deputies they believed Coble owned the property, and said he had offered to pay them to help him cut some boards from a structure and move a large metal storage building.

In other matters, deputies took a report Tuesday from Bradley Collett, whose toolbox was taken from his truck. Collett also reported the theft of chains and a tow strap.

Mandy Looney filed an information report Sunday.

George Shankle told deputies on Christmas day that a man shot at him and made threats.

Annetta Fields filed a threats report Monday.

Richard Dunlap reported vandalism to a gate Monday.

Cynthia Kirkhart told deputies she was punched in the face Monday, and when she fell to the ground, the suspect then kicked her and spat on her.

Nathan Bilby filed a report Sunday when he was assaulted at Speedy’s. Bilby said he was fueling his vehicle when a man he knows left the store, approached him, shoved him, then grabbed his shirt. The suspect then left the area.