Tahlequah Daily Press

January 7, 2014

Assault, theft part of weekend roundup


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman Saturday when she allegedly assaulted a family member and later committed thefts.

Candy Jean Barbaree, 23, was booked for domestic assault and battery, public intoxication, obstruction, and vandalism. Barbaree allegedly assaulted a woman and broke two windows on a patio when she was forced out of a home. Deputies were unable to find her, but later, a woman matching Barbaree’s description stole a cell phone from the Cherokee Casino. She allegedly went into a wooded area when deputies arrived, but was arrested when she came out. Deputies said Barbaree had the stolen phone, along with documents belonging in a Venture Drilling vehicle.

Carissa Ann Taylor, 36, was arrested Saturday for domestic assault and battery on a minor and domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor. Taylor allegedly told deputies she was drunk and to take her to jail when they arrived to investigate the assault at Butterfly Trailer Park. Taylor allegedly started a fight with a 16-year-old girl. When she was booked into jail, staff allegedly found two small pills in Taylor’s pockets.

Dennis Joe Arneecher, 63, was arrested Saturday when he allegedly called 911 and told dispatchers he was going to kill a specific person. When deputies arrived at Arneecher’s home, Arneecher allegedly admitted he called 911 to let them know. Arneecher was booked fdor threatening to perform acts of violence.

Leonard Jason Wilkins, 41, was arrested Monday morning for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication. Deputies were investigating a suspicious vehicle at the Log Store south of Tahlequah, where Wilkins was found asleep behind the wheel. Deputies said Wilkins was disoriented and unable to figure out how to open his door. He was unsteady, and deputies said Wilkins had a pipe containing a powdery residue inside the car. Deputies said they located what they believe to be a small amount of methamphetamine.

Randle Shankle filed a threats report Sunday.

Brian Nutt Sr. reported he entered into a contract with a man who was to build a garage last September. Nutt said the work is not complete, and he paid a sum of money to be used to buy materials. Deputies said the suspect is wanted out of Arkansas for theft by deception, and seems to have a history of such.

A woman reported Saturday a man had threatened to burn her house down, and tried to set fire to her vehicle.

Sharon Sanders filed a report last week when her chihuahua was shot. A concrete lawn decoration was also shot.

Nancy and Keven Hendricks filed a report recently about their neighbor’s goats destroying a seeded pasture and hay bales.

Lisa Forrest reported the Rocky Ford Community Building was burglarized last week. A computer storage container, a popcorn machine, cue balls and an electric heater was stolen.

Pamela Carter reported the violation of a protective order last week.

Kimmie Barlow told deputies last week a man threw a video game controller at her; it hit her knee.

Dovenmuehle Mortgage employees reported vandalism to a facility last week.

Jessica Antunez reported an iPad and iPhone disappeared from a package she mailed recently.

Members of Peggs Baptist Church said a truck  is damaging the grass and gravel at the church.

Jody Dallis filed a vandalism report Sunday after her tires were flattened.