Tahlequah Daily Press

February 18, 2013

Women receives threats over light


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies took a report Thursday after a woman said she was threatened over an outdoor safety light  issue.

Sherri Burrs said a man threatened to harm her and shoot her because the light was being fixed by an electric company. Burrs said she called the company after receiving permission from her land lord, but the man who threatened her didn’t want the light fixed because it would shine in his window at night.

Deputies said they spoke to the suspect and he admitted to being upset about the light, but said he wouldn’t threaten someone over it.

In other matters, deputies took a report last week from Monty Robbins II, who said he was at a bar on State Highway 100 when he was attacked. Deputies also took a report later in the week from Lisa Robbins, who said she and her family began to receive threats from a someone with a local phone number.

Addie Donatelli reported her identification being stolen last week and said it was used to buy medications with a fake prescription.

Delbert Stanley reported stolen property last week.

Norma Dumond spoke to deputies after 100 square bales of hay were taken from her barn.

Karen Bigby reported theft of wire and piping last week.

Tricia Birdtail filed an assault report Thursday.