Tahlequah Daily Press

April 16, 2013

Reports filed on two home invasions


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies took a report over the weekend after a man forced his way into a woman’s house and tried to take her purse and phone.

A woman said the suspect showed up before 1 a.m., pulled a ladder up to her house and began knocking on her bedroom window while screaming at her. He later forced his way into the house and began wrestling with her, trying to take her purse and phone. He allegedly held the victim down on the bed but eventually left the scene. A second report was filed hours later when he showed up at another house where the victim was and took her purse.

Deputies spoke to Geneva Wilson last week about animals that roamed free and destroyed a garden and flowers.

David Bednar reported theft of property Friday.

Sheryl Mast told deputies Sunday that her dog was apparently stabbed or caught inside some sort of trap, and suffered swelling and cuts.

Ashley Spahr spoke to deputies last week about the theft of a gun.

James Christie filed a report Saturday after two guns were taken, including a Rock Island with wooden grips and a black finish, and a Colt Super Commanche with black grips, a blue barrel and a Simmons scope.

Lee Rhea told deputies Saturday that his Ruger firearm was stolen from his truck, along with change and other items. Deputies said a number of vehicle burglaries were reported in the same area.

Wes McLemore filed a report last week after his truck was hit by another person, who fled the scene.

Deborah Creason reported a vehicle burglary Saturday.

Marsha Langdon told deputies recently that two chairs an a table were taken from her deck.

Sarah Hall filed a report Saturday about her purse being stolen from her vehicle.

Trayis Fuentes reported property being stolen from a vehicle, including a camera, purses, and a phone charger.