Tahlequah Daily Press

April 2, 2013

Man arrested after being drunk on porch


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man last week after he was found intoxicated on another man’s porch.

Roger Dale Lyman, 31, of Kansas, Okla., had allegedly wandered into a man’s home, then sat down at the front porch. Deputies said Lyman could barely speak, smelled strongly of alcohol, and was drooling. He was arrested and taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center.

Deputies spoke to a man last week who said property was stolen from a construction site near State Highway 10.

Robert Marshall, an employee of Direct Traffic Control, said a thief took four wheels off of a sign, and also took a battery. The company has signs up on S.H. 10 and on Chewey Road for a construction project.

Annette Hogner reported the theft of medication from her house last week.

Wynema Ross told deputies Saturday she was threatened by a man, who yelled at her and threatened to have her evicted from her house.

Ella Hughes filed a harassment report Saturday. Hughes said a man made threats to her and said he would go back and “get her.”

Alisha Caro told deputies last week that she was assaulted by a man when she was asking him about repaying money he owed her from a loan. She said the man grabbed her arm and pulled her around.

Bobby Stacey filed a report last week after someone took eight new Toyota car wheels and 35 gallons of diesel from a barn.