Tahlequah Daily Press

June 25, 2013

Man arrested for DUI after traffic stop


TAHLEQUAH — Tahlequah police arrested a local man Saturday after a traffic stop.

Jeffrey Weaton, 34, of Wagoner, was booked for driving under the influence second or subsequent.

Michael Stockton, 23, of Tahlequah, was arrested Thursday for public intoxication, destruction of property and assault and battery.

Sara R. Perkins, 21, of Tahlequah, was arrested Thursday for unauthorized use of a debit card. Police said Brandon Stratton had reported his money clip stolen and said unauthorized transactions were later made on his bank account.

Joshua A. Boswell, 27, of Tahlequah, was arrested for driving under the influence Saturday after a traffic stop near Allen Road and the west bypass.

Grant Jenson, 21, of Henryetta, was arrested Friday for DUI after a traffic stop was made for defective equipment.

Elias Saavedra Jr., 20, and Matilda K. Birdtail, 18, of Tahlequah, were arrested by police Friday afternoon after allegedly shoplifting at Walmart. Employees at the retailer said the two ordered chicken from the deli, ate the food and drank a soda, then left the store and refused to cooperate. Saavedra Jr. has previous shoplifting charges from incidents at Walmart, according to police, and had previously been banned from the store.

Toni Garcia told police Sunday that a man entered her residence without permission.

Jesse Chappelone told officers Saturday about a cell phone and cash being stolen from his vehicle.

Chelsea Davis reported a stolen X-Box Friday.

Tamera Newberry told police Saturday that someone cursed and yelled at her while she was working at EZ-Mart.

Shawna Johnson reported her vehicle being struck while it was at Walmart.

Employees at Punkins Super Lube and Oil reported the business was burglarized sometime Thursday night or Friday morning.

Jennifer Tillison spoke to police Friday about the unauthorized use of her debit card, which had been stolen.

Ray Welch told police Friday about a shopping cart damaging his vehicle.

Officers conducted a welfare check Friday after receiving a call of three children living in an apartment on West Fox Street with no electricity, no running water, and no food. The subsequent report indicates a referral was made to the Department of Human Services.