Tahlequah Daily Press

February 26, 2013

Deputies make alcohol-related arrests


TAHLEQUAH — A couple of area residents were arrested for public intoxication over the weekend, while others reported vandalism incidents.

Coltin Lee Thomas, 20, of Tahlequah was arrested Feb. 23 for public intoxication and minor in possession of alcohol. Law officials were responding to a call reporting a white 4x4 double-cab pickup driving recklessly in and out of ditches. A witness told the investigating deputy the truck was seen headed toward U.S. Highway 62. When deputies made contact with Thomas, he was standing next to the mud-covered vehicle, which was parked on the side of the road with a flat tire. Thomas  reportedly had no driver’s license and had bloodshot eyes, was unsteady on his feet, and had a strong odor of alcohol. A partial 30-pack of Coors Light was found in the vehicle.

Echo Dawn Kilknight, 30, of Tahlequah, was arrested Feb. 22 for public intoxication. Deputies were responding to a call reporting a person lying in the ditch on South Indian Road. Kilknight was reportedly sitting in the middle of the road when law officials arrived. Kilknight was described as very unsteady on her feet, having slurred speech and smelling of alcohol. The report indicated Kilknight refused medical attention before she was taken into custody.

Linda Wright reported theft at her Tahlequah residence on Feb. 22. Missing is a silver toolbox filled with miscellaneous tools. Wright told deputies the item was in her garage, where no signs of forced entry were noticed.

Kimberly Hatchett told deputies Feb. 22 she received threats through cell phone calls and text messages by known suspects. Hatchett told law officials  that a relative had accused her of stealing $3,700, and since the accusation, a known suspect had been making harassing and threatening phones calls and text messages. One message indicated the suspect’s intent to visit Hatchett with a .45-caliber gun and “take care of it.” Hatchett told deputies the individual had made comments that he does not care if he goes to prison.

Randy Hammock filed a fraud report Feb. 22 to notify law officials an individual forged his name to establish a credit card account with JCPenny. Hammock told deputies he didn’t know about the fraud until he received contact from a collection agency. The suspect had charged $680 worth of merchandise on the account, and Hammock provided law officials with a handwriting sample, which matched the forged signature on the JCPenny charge account application.

Joann Lochner filed a vandalism report Feb. 23. Lochner said that upon returning home from a trip to the hospital with her son, she discovered the living room window had been broken with a rock, which was still lying on the front porch. Lochner’s relative was waiting outside the house when she arrived home from the hospital, but the relative did not have a key to the house and had not approached it to discover the broken window. The relative said a silver Chevy blazer had been seen driving by several times at slow rate of speed.

Mitchell Dugan filed a vandalism report Feb. 23. Dugan told the investigating officer he had been having problems with a neighbor. Dugan saw the neighbor’s family members shooting a BB gun between Feb. 18 and 22 in the neighborhood. Dugan said he discovered what looked to be seven BB gunshot holes on the passenger side of a gold 2013 Mercury Grand Marquis sedan. Dugan reported the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend.

Carl Angelo filed a vandalism report Feb. 23, telling law officials he had been in an altercation at Ned’s on Feb. 22 with a known suspect’s romantic partner. Angelo said his truck was parked outside of his house, and when he awoke Feb. 23, his vehicle had been vandalized with orange spray-paint. The passenger mirror had been torn off, while the driver’s rear window had been tampered with, leaving the latch broken.

Houston Glad filed a vandalism report Feb. 23, saying he had parked his blue 1999 Saab convertible at a friend’s residence late Feb. 22. When he returned Feb. 23, Glad said he discovered the seats had been ripped and the ignition wiring had been cut, while various pieces of plastic from the console had also been removed.