Tahlequah Daily Press

October 10, 2012

Police arrest man in stabbing


TAHLEQUAH — Tahlequah police arrested a man over the weekend after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and locked her outside of the home with a baby inside.

Kevin Lowe, 23, of Tahlequah, was arrested for domestic abuse in the presence of a minor and interference with an emergency telephone call.

Calvin Wells, 29, was arrested Monday for possession of marijuana at the Chickasaw Rooming House.

Victor Arias, 32, of Hulbert, was arrested Sunday for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Carrie Stamper, 23, of Bunch, was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart Friday.

Weldon S. McMillan, 45, of Park Hill, was arrested Saturday for public intoxication, resisting, obstruction, and assault and battery on a police officer.

Noe Degollado, 19, of Tahlequah, was arrested Saturday for domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

Daryn S. Laconsello, 17, of Bunch, was arrested Sunday for public intoxication.

Dustin Bowen spoke to police Monday about his vehicle being damaged from the door of another vehicle.

Olga Leeper told police last week she is receiving emails from her ex-husband in violation of a divorce decree.

Angela Peck reported the theft of an iPad Saturday.

Freddie Ferrell filed an information report Tuesday.

Kimberly James spoke to police Saturday about a burglary and unauthorized use of a credit card.

Ronald Grisham told police last week he was threatened over the phone.

Teresa Kelley recently reported a car window broken.

Amie McGinnis told police Saturday she received harassing phone calls.

William Drain talked with officers Friday about being assaulted by an unknown male on Downing Street.

Kristen McClanahan reported medication stolen from her vehicle last Friday.

Employees of the Golden Rule recently spoke to police after someone broke into the business and took money.

Melissa Gay told police Friday that someone stole change out of her vehicle while it was parked in her driveway.

Tina Gordon told police Sunday her vehicle was broken into.

Jessica Johnson reported destruction of private property Sunday.

Officers on Saturday recovered a portable radio that had been missing from Tahlequah City Hospital EMS.

Employees at Cox-Walgreen’s on East Downing told police last week about an attempt by someone to obtain a controlled dangerous substance by fraud.