Tahlequah Daily Press

June 25, 2013

Man gives false name to deputies


TAHLEQUAH — A Westville man was arrested Saturday morning after he allegedly tried to give deputies a false name during a traffic stop.

Matthew Rowan, 26, was stopped on State Highway 10 after allegedly driving a car across the road’s double-yellow line.

Rowan allegedly told Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Jarrick Snyder he left his driver’s license at his brother’s house, but said his name was Eric.

Rowan then provided Snyder with a date of birth, but checks through Oklahoma and Arkansas provided no results of the license being on file.

Rowan was told to contact his brother and have him bring Rowan’s driver’s license to the scene.

Rowan asked if his grandfather could come to the scene and pick him up. Snyder eventually arrested Rowan and impounded the vehicle.

Once Rowan was being booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center, under the assumed name of Eric, his grandfather called sheriff’s dispatchers asking where deputies had taken Matthew Rowan.

Officers at the jail booked Rowan in and discovered a driver’s license in the name of Matthew Rowan, Snyder said.