Tahlequah Daily Press

May 14, 2013

Woman accused of theft


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies took a report from a man last week who said a woman might have stolen property from his home.

John Davis told deputies he allowed a neighbor to use the bathroom. When she left, she appeared nervous, and had her shirt rolled up. Davis said he later discovered his wallet missing.

Shasta Brooks filed a report last week after she refused to give a man a ride in her vehicle, and the man used a knife to stab one of her tires.

Phyllis Smith filed a report about the theft of jewelry from her residence.

Deputies took a report from three people Saturday who each claimed the same woman stole their property. Sabrina Olphant said her keys were stolen; Timothy Organ said the suspect took a shirt; and Clinton Snipes reported the woman took a pistol.

Heather Chuculate told deputies this month a truck window was shattered when a suspect threw a beer bottle at it.

Heather Moler filed a harassment report last week.

Rick Thompson told deputies a man and woman threatened to assault him.

Wesley Campbell reported a window on a mini-van’s being vandalized.

Jose Gonzales reported being harassed last week.

Salas Landaverde said a 16-foot trailer was stolen last week.

Betty Botts filed a report after money was taken from her mother’s purse.

Harold Green said a tank of fuel was stolen out of an all-terrain vehicle last week.