Tahlequah Daily Press

October 22, 2013

Three jailed on drug possession, trespassing charges

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Three people were jailed on drug and trespassing charges over the weekend after they allegedly entered a vacant trailer home on West Choctaw.

Tahlequah police said the three – Angel Lopez-Hernandez, Melissa Collins and Bethany Bell – entered a vacant trailer that Collins claimed she previously lived in and still had a key to.

Officers were asked to check on the suspects and arrived at the trailer, but were initially unable to get a response from anyone inside.

Officer Pam Bell contacted the owner of the trailer park, who sent an employee to the scene.

Two women – 35-year-old Collins and 25-year-old Bell – eventually met with officers outside the home. Police Lt. Robert Jones and Officer Brandon Vick entered the trailer and began to speak with Lopez-Hernandez.

Officer Cory Keele was later called into the trailer, where officers found open containers of beer and some cut straws.

Employees of the trailer park gave officers consent to search. Keele said he noticed a pill bottle inside a hole on a bathroom door. Inside the pill bottle was a crystal-like substance that tested positive as methamphetamine.

Collins allegedly told police she entered the trailer along with her friend, Bell, and her boyfriend, Lopez-Hernandez.

All three were “distraught and adamant” that the drugs did not belong to them, Keele said, and told police they knew to whom the methamphetamine belonged.

Each was booked into jail for trespassing and possession of methamphetamine.