Tahlequah Daily Press

April 28, 2014

Sheriff's Beat: Deputies called after assault


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies were called last week after witnesses saw a man push a woman down and kick her in the stomach.

Witnesses said the woman who was assaulted got into a vehicle and left. Deputies later received a call from that woman, Malana Castillo, who wanted to report being assaulted. Castillo told police she is pregnant, and that man hit her in the stomach several times and also allegedly attacked her with a broom handle.

In other matters, deputies took a report from Sierra Smith last week when Smith was hit in the face and pushed down.

Rita Morris told deputies that a neighbor’s dog chased and killed two of her chihuahuas. Morris said the dog has also chased a child on a bicycle..

David Proffitt reported the theft of copper from a cell tower last week.

Tony Mercer filed a vandalism report recently.