Tahlequah Daily Press

January 30, 2014

Lake Region staff report meter tampering


TAHLEQUAH — Employees with Lake Region Electric Cooperative told Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies this week that a meter was tampered with.

Employees said they noticed one particular meter was being used, though it had previously been disconnected. LREC officials went to the location and noticed the meter had been removed and a disconnection collar had also been removed. The meter had then been reconnected. LREC pulled the meter and a woman later called the cooperative to complain about the loss of utilities. She later went to LREC’s Tahlequah office and paid to have service reconnected on a pre-paid meter. Employees told deputies they later discovered the check that was used was on a closed business account. When a serviceman went back to the location, the meter that had been installed had been replaced with a meter from another location.

In other matters, deputies took a report from Aubert Murray this week about the theft of property.

Tony Hughes filed an information report this week.

Paul Davis spoke with deputies after finding his wolf hybrid dead. Davis said there were no apparent injuries to the dog, and he believes it was poisoned by a person living in his area.