Tahlequah Daily Press

August 28, 2013

Local man charged in assault case


TAHLEQUAH — During investigation of a family dispute, Tahlequah police placed a man under arrest after a physical altercation with his father.

Police were called to a residence on Turpin Lane where Officer Thomas Donnell spoke with Summer Eastham and her father-in-law, Thomas Eastham. The man reported that his son, Charles Eastham, was belligerent.

Donnell’s report states the son walked out of the residence and began yelling at the father and demanding he leave. Donnell explained that if he wanted the father to leave, but his wife wanted him to stay, he could only ask the father to leave.

The father agreed to leave, but stopped near the property’s front gate.

The report alleges that, after a verbal exchange, Charles Eastham grabbed Thomas Eastham “in a forceful way” and tried to push him out of the gate. Donnell states that he grabbed Charles Eastham and told him he was under arrest for assault and battery.

Though the father refused to file a complaint, Donnell, after speaking to Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King, charged Charles Eastham with domestic assault and transported him to the Cherokee County Detention Center.