Tahlequah Daily Press

January 24, 2013

Deputies take report of a threat


TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies recently took a threats report.

Jennifer Green filed a report last week and said a woman called and threatened to come to her house and beat her with a baseball bat. Green said her car was also vandalized recently by the suspect’s daughter.

Ariel Marrs spoke to deputies last week and said she was assaulted.

Deputies filed a death investigation report last week on Brenda Thompson, 59, of Hulbert. Thompson is believed to have died of natural causes.

A death investigation report was filed Tuesday on Luke Wells, 21, of Park Hill. The report indicates his cause of death is still pending, but the report mentions Wells suffered from a disease.

Wesley Girty spoke to deputies last week and said a vandal shattered a window at his residence. Girty said nothing was taken from inside the home.

Deputies took a report from a 13-year-old student last week after he was involved in a school fight. The student was reportedly grabbed from behind, picked up and thrown to the floor head-first.

Jawnna Brooks filed an assault report Monday.

Rocky Watts spoke to deputies on Jan. 10 and said his outside building was burglarized and four tires were taken, along with a tiller.

Leiah Goins told deputies she discovered someone had broken into her car recently. Her purse, driver’s license, credit cards, Social Security card, and cash were stolen. Goins said it also appears the intruder went into or tried to go into a barn and home.

Marta Waldron filed an information report this week.

Veronica Jones reported an air conditioning unit being stolen Tuesday.

Employees of RG3 Utility reported an intruder  had broken into trailers Tuesday. Several items were taken from the trailers.

Garland Fisher talked to deputies earlier this month after he said he was assaulted while trying to break up a fight. Fisher said that he was at the Elks Lodge talking to two men who were fighting, when an assailant hit him in the side of the face twice, pushed him into a stall and tried to choke him.

Frank Macario filed a similar report recently, indicating he, too, had been attacked when trying to intervene in a fight.

Sheila Oropeza filed an animal-bite report this week.