Tahlequah Daily Press

October 26, 2013

Glow golf raises money for TPS Foundation

Special Writer

— Glow in the dark golf balls and glowing Jack-o-lanterns made a fundraiser a fun event Thursday night.

A creative twist to a challenging sport, playing golf at night brought a lot of support for the Tahlequah Public School Foundation said vice-president Lucas Foster.

“The Glow Golf event is one of two main fundraisers, along with our wine and cheese event in the spring, for a worthy cause,” said Foster, who held the golf event at the Tahlequah City Golf Course.

Proceeds fund special projects submitted as grants requested by teachers as in the public school system.

“Especially when the state keeps cutting back on funding, we try to offset the cutbacks,” said Foster. “This is also a PR event so people can know about the foundation.”

Teachers do their job with things they can’t always afford to get, Foster said.

“I’m investing in my town and my kids’ education [by volunteering with the Foundation],” Foster said.

The evening was cool and dry as golfers ventured out toward blinking lights that marked tee boxes.

Foundation board member Amber George said she believes in education. So she volunteers.

“I believe in Tahlequah and I need to support it,” she said.

High School S Club members each brought a lit-up pumpkin to help light the course and add to the ambiance.

“S Club is a service organization, and the Foundation is the best organization they can serve,” George said. “One-hundred percent of the proceeds go back into education. We have no administrative or other fees.”

Event organizer Cameron Greenhagen applauded the Northeastern State University Robotics team for building two robot putters.

“They build them just for this event,” Greenhagen said, while reminding the participants of the rules.

Golf enthusiast Tom Tinnin said he supports the fundraiser because it’s a great cause, “for our kids.”

“The teachers who apply for the grants to get a little extra that doesn’t come from school funding,” Tinnin said. “Teachers need this additional funding more now than ever.”

Coming in first place in the event was The Branch team: Brian Berry, Brandon Berry, Ken Smith, and Brian Woodliff.