Tori Geasland, 10, left, and her 6-year-old sister, Rachel, get cracking on crafts at the public library.

Santas, wreaths, mittens and more was the theme of the day at the Tahlequah Public Library Wednesday, where kids of all ages gathered for the library's annual Christmas Craft Time.

"We've got mitten picture frames, 'Letter to Santa' ornaments, wreaths, mitten book marks, and Santa Claus door hangers," said library employee Cherokee Kimpel.

For Kimpel, it was nice to see all the participants brave the rain and come to the library, though she'd already gotten her crafts done.

"I've made them all," she said. "I make all the examples each year, but my favorite is the letter to Santa. I put a letter in there, but no one can read it -- only Santa."

Among the crafters building wreaths Wednesday were Tori and Rachel Geasland, ages 10 and 6.

"I like making the wreaths and putting the sequins on the balls," said Tori, who planned to hang her wreath at home. "Maybe on the front door."

For Rachel, other plans were in store for her wreath.

"I'll give it to my teacher," said Rachel.

Dusty Waddell was also on hand, making a mitten picture frame. For him, the afternoon was time well spent.

"I like making the crafts and spending time with my mom," Dusty said.

His frame nearly completed, Waddell said he probably wouldn't keep it for himself.

"I might give it away for Christmas," he said.

At a nearby table, 9-year-old Tess Childers and Meredith Cott were diligently making "Letter to Santa" ornaments.

"I liked making the face because of the little nose and the mustache," said Tess. "And the mitten thing was really fun, too -- really fun."

Meredith chimed in with a description of a slightly different facial feature.

"Mine has a big nose," she said, laughing.

While the girls were crafting, they talked excitedly about their upcoming Christmas play.

"We're best friends and we go to Greenwood Elementary," Meredith confided. "And tomorrow, we're putting on a play at school. I'm an elf -- I only say three words and I'm an elf. She's [Tess] the lead part."

Busily working on her Santa ornament, Tess described her role in her upcoming play: "I'm Carol -- I'm the grumpiest elf in town."

The room filled quickly, and Kimpel stayed busy signing participants in, and getting them started on a craft of their choice.

After seeing recent news stories about Santa's favorite saying, however, Kimpel hoped the ornaments wouldn't stir up any controversy.

"The door hanger says 'Ho, Ho, Ho,'" Kimpel said, laughing. "Even though it's apparently not PC [politically correct] anymore."

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