Charles Ray Littlejohn

Charles Ray Littlejohn

Name and rank: Charles Ray Littlejohn, chief steward

Branch of service: Coast Guard

Current location: Tahlequah

Age: 95

Family: Spouse, Ila Moss Littlejohn; children, eth Tevebaugh, Jennifer Walker, Charles Littlejohn II, and Tim Littlejohn.

Active duty campaigns: Pacific Theater, Sept. 23, 1943-March 1946.

Education and training: Six weeks of regular boot camp; 3 ½ months od specialty cutlery training at Benoit Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida, under French and English instructors.

Current occupation and hobbies: Honorable discharge; retired from business management, hotel and restaurant; hobbies include ceramic work, art collecting, antique cars, and restoring historic buildings and houses. After military service, I restored the Palace Hotel and Restaurant. We were rewarded membership in the world famous Restaurants International. In recent years, I have owned and operated Fox Mobile Home Estates in Arkansas.

Special memory: An exciting and memorable moment was when we anchored our ship beside another ship on one of the Pacific islands to discharge our fuel onto the other ship. Some of the members came over to our ship seeking to see if there was anyone from home. They asked where I was from. When I said, "New Orleans," he replied, "We have another man on our ship from New Orleans. His name is Bill Dillman. Do you know him?" I said, "BILL DILLMAN?? He is my next door neighbor." He was on duty in the engine room, and the man went to relieve him so he could come visit. We had a wonderful time together. It was an almost unbelievable surprise and shock.

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