NORMAN, Okla. – An assistant principal at Norman High School has been arrested on a sexual assault complaint by a woman who said he drugged and assaulted her at his home two months ago.

Robert Davis was taken into custody Tuesday evening by Oklahoma City police at a residence in nearby Yukon, where he lives,  and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

The superintendent of Norman public schools told the Norman Transcript Davis has been suspended.

“We do not tolerate any behavior or conduct of the type that is charged,” said Supt. Dr. Nick Migliorino

Davis has served as assistant principal at Norman High School for one year. Before that he was a teacher and a coach at Yukon High School for four years, according to Larissa Lockwood, a spokeswoman for the school.

Yukon is 35 miles northeast of Norman. Both are suburbs of Oklahoma City

Master Sgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department said investigators on the case believe there may be other victims.

“We’ve identified several possible victims,” said Knight. “And we believe there are victims we have not heard from yet, and we certainly want to hear from them.”

According to the police incident report, the woman who filed the sexual assault claim said she went to Davis’ home May 23 to take his son to T-ball and house sit while he attended Norman High School’s graduation ceremony.

She told police Davis arrived home around 10:30 p.m., offered her a sweet tea drink and she soon began to slur her words and not feel well. She said when she went outside to get fresh air, Davis followed her, noticed her cup was low on tea and ice, then went back into the house to refill it. The woman said the second cup tasted different, like a peach tea, and she began to feel worse.

At that point, the police report said, she decided to lie down on a bed inside the house, and doesn’t remember anything afterwards except briefly waking up to see Davis sitting next to her.

The police report said Davis called her the next day and she told him “you drugged me” to which she said he responded, “I just added some peach schnapps.”

A police report said an investigator interviewed the woman at a hospital and retrieved a sexual assault kit as evidence in the case.

Details for this story were supplied by reporter Adam Troxtell of the Norman Transcript. Reach him at  

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