Angela Rhea

Angela Rhea

Name and rank: Staff Sgt. Angela Rhea

Branch of service: Oklahoma Army National Guard

Current location: Tahlequah.

Age: 37.

Family: Husband, Lee Rhea; and daughter, Violet Rhea.

Active duty campaigns: Iraq 2006-2007, Iraq 2009-2010.

Education, specialty military training: UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter mechanic; small arms master gunner.

Active duty campaigns: Currently serving with D Company, 2/244th Aviation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a Black Hawk helicopter mechanic. Locally, I also serve as a board member for Help in Crisis, and my husband, Lee Rhea and I own Tahlequah Printing Company, 618 E Downing Street. With Tahlequah Printing, we are able to further give back to our community by supporting local schools with donations and various fundraising activities in our town. I believe that service to our community and our country go hand in hand and I am proud to be able to serve both.

Special memory: My favorite part of my military service will always be the people that I've served with, but flying Chuck Norris around in Iraq was pretty cool, too.

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