Crystal Bridges offers installations in forest light

This illuminated display beckons guests to a Bentonville museum.

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas – Visitors can enjoy an enchanted nighttime walk through the woods featuring dynamic, nature-inspired lighting elements, and immersive soundscapes at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art through April.

Five distinct installations will bring the soul of the forest to life with light, sound, and sensory effects in a captivating, family-friendly experience. North Forest Lights will be open in the evening hours after sunset Friday through Sunday. Additional days may be offered later in the season.

Crystal Bridges partnered with Montreal-based multimedia and entertainment studio Moment Factory to bring this concept to life. In 2020, Moment Factory won the mondo*dr "Americas Award" in the Parks & Attractions category for their work on North Forest Lights.

Walking through the Ozark woods, each encounter translates nature’s secret music and hidden communication into a symphony of light and sound. North Forest Lights invites people to reconnect with nature and art while making everyone feel part of it.

Five distinct installations will come to life with light, sound, and special effects:

• Crystal Grove: Guests can see the glowing language of young saplings, as they seem to communicate through shimmering crystal lights.

• Forest Frequencies: Visitors will channel the natural and human past as light and music connect them with the wavelengths of the Arkansas woods.

• The Hearth: Visitors will gather around a bonfire-like sculpture to immerse themselves in the warm glow and beating heart of nature.

• Whispering Tree: Those walking through can communicate with a magnificent tree to learn about the color of their own voices.

• Memory of Water: Guests can surround themselves in light and sound, as a simulated stream brings water back to this dry creek bed.

Tickets sell out quickly. They are $22 for adults; $15 for adult museum members; $10 for youth ages 7-18; $7 for youth members ages 7-18; children 6 and under, free.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is at 600 Museum Way in Bentonville, Arkansas. The trails and grounds are open from sunrise to sunset daily.

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