OKLAHOMA CITY – With a continued commitment to year-round educational programming, deadCenter Film announces deadCenter Next Generation Online, a free online platform designed to engage students on-demand. dC Next Generation Online is geared toward students in grades 6-8, but will be suitable for students of any age to participate.

This is deadCenter Film’s first online education program, broadening its reach from in-classroom instruction to more than 3,000 students across 30 Oklahoma high schools, colleges and technology centers each fall, to now bringing inspirational curriculum to their fingertips, mirroring industry momentum that the business of film is experiencing statewide.

The online classes are geared to be self-paced and exploratory and encourage students to harness their immediate surroundings as a source of creativity, no matter how urban or rural their address. dC Next Generation Online will connect students with fundamentals and showcase the collaborative nature of the filmmaking process, with the goal of alleviating perceived barriers and limitations and facilitating a passion for film. The first module will focus on "story," with additional modules highlighting various filmmaking facets available periodically.

“Stories are fundamental to how we connect with others every day, and ‘story’ is the critical foundation for filmmaking,” said Alyx Picard Davis, executive director for deadCenter Film. “We say ‘story is king’ because it informs every step of the creative process. Through dC Next Generation Online, students will explore filmmaking as art while strengthening important skills like collaboration and communication.”

Eventually, dC Next Generation Online students will be eligible to graduate into deadCenter University, an existing partnership with Metro Tech.

Pre-COVID, deadCenter offered a variety of educational initiatives, from film classes and workshops to lunch and learn presentations and event speakers. dC Next Generation Online was created to provide building blocks and simplify access to filmmaking, enrich young minds, and de-stigmatize the point of entry for the next era of filmmakers.

deadCenter is proud to be a member agency of Allied Arts, whose supporting grant contributed to the creation of deadCenter Next Generation Online, and underlines the importance of technical support for innovation throughout Oklahoma’s varied arts community.

Visit www.deadcenterfilm.org or www.deadcenterfilm.org/deadcenter-next-generation-online for more information.

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